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Kennedy and Reagan, why their legacies endure, Scott Farris

Kennedy and Reagan, why their legacies endure, Scott Farris
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 371-377) and index
collective biography
index present
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non fiction
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Kennedy and Reagan
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Scott Farris
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why their legacies endure
Table Of Contents
The sincerest form of flattery -- Martyrdom and near martyrdom -- The most Irish of presidents -- Different incomes, similar families -- Boys who loved books -- College days during the great Depression -- Early success -- The war stateside and overseas -- Anti-communists -- Wives and other lovers -- The book and the speech -- The mad dash for president -- Sinatra, Disney, and Casals -- A city on the hill and a man on the moon -- Crises and charisma -- To the brink -- and back -- The Will Rogers of covert operations -- Tax cuts and deficits -- Religion and the culture wars -- Civil rights -- A different world
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