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The World Remade, America in World War I, G.J. Meyer

The World Remade, America in World War I, G.J. Meyer
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 577-611) and index
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non fiction
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The World Remade
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G.J. Meyer
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America in World War I
"An indispensable, sharply drawn account of America's pivotal--and still controversial--intervention in World War I, enlivened by fresh insights into the key issues, events, and personalities of the period, from the New York Times bestselling author of A World Undone"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Part one. The crooked road to war -- December 1918: Apotheosis ; Background: how it happened -- Neutrality the Wilson way ; Background: coming of age -- Quickly to the brink ; Background: the tortoise and the hare -- Many sacred principles ; Background: mystery voyage -- Marked cards and a stacked deck ; Background: choosing sides -- "A dangerous thing; ; to inflame a people" ; Background: the war of words--and pictures -- Onward Christian soldiers ; Background: troublemaker -- Why ; Background: over there--the war as of April 1917 -- "A message of death" -- Part two. The price -- Taking charge ; Background: going dry -- "Skin-deep dollar patriotism" ; Background: destiny's child -- Cracking down ; Background: three faces of labor -- Welcome to France ; Background: Buffalo soldiers -- "A moblike madness" ; Background: "disgusting creatures" -- The law of selfishness ; Background: the war, too, changes -- The last roll of the iron dice ; Background: the war of the air--and of the future -- Deadlocked no more ; Background: death from a new direction -- The tide turns ; Background: eggs loaded with dynamite -- An army at last ; Background: "a soldier's soldier" -- In at the kill -- Part three. Sowing dragons' teeth -- The world the war made ; Background: lost? -- Compromise or betrayal? ; Background: strange bedfellows -- "Hell's dirtiest work" ; Background: the Palmer raids -- "The door is closed" -- Aftermath: "Now it's all over" -- Appendix: Woodrow Wilson's Program for Peace
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