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The social conquest of earth, Edward O. Wilson

The social conquest of earth, Edward O. Wilson
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The social conquest of earth
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Edward O. Wilson
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Why does advanced social life exist? The human condition -- Where do we come from? The two paths to conquest ; The approach ; The arrival ; Threading the evolutionary maze ; The creative forces ; Tribalism is a fundamental human trait ; War as humanity's hereditary curse ; The breakout ; The creative explosion ; The sprint to civilization -- How social insects conquered the invertebrate world. The invention of eusociality ; Inventions that advanced the social insects -- The forces of social evolution. The scientific dilemma of rarity ; Insect altruism and eusociality explained ; Insects tale the giant leap ; Now natural selection creates social instincts ; The forces of social evolution ; The emergence of a new theory of eusociality -- What are we? What is human nature? ; How culture evolved ; The origins of language ; The evolution of cultural variation ; The origins of morality and honor ; The origins of religion ; The origins of the creative arts -- Where are we going? A new Enlightenment
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