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The accident, a chilling psychological thriller, Natalie Barelli

The accident, a chilling psychological thriller, Natalie Barelli
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The accident
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Natalie Barelli
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a chilling psychological thriller
"If only she'd said no...Katherine didn't want to go out for a late night. She wasn't in the mood and frankly, work had been so busy lately, what she longed for was a night in and maybe a glass of wine. But Eve insisted. She planned to take Katherine out for dinner, somewhere really special. To thank her, she'd said. For everything Katherine had done for her. So they went, and it was fun, for a while...But things went horribly wrong, and Katherine would give anything to turn back the clock. Because she did something terrible, and if anyone ever found out, it would ruin her life. But no one needs to know because Eve was there too, and she's going to help make it all go away. Except something is not right with Eve, and by the time Katherine realizes that... It's too late."
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