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Understanding documents for genealogy & local history, Bruce Durie

Understanding documents for genealogy & local history, Bruce Durie
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Understanding documents for genealogy & local history
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Bruce Durie
Once genealogists and local historians have learned everything they can from internet sources, the next step is reading and understanding older documents. The author details how to find and comprehend documents in England, Wales and Scotland from 1560 to 1860. These can be hard to find, are often written in challenging handwriting and use Latin, antiquated English or Scots
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Reading the documents. Transcription and paleography ; Latin ; Dates and calendars ; Money, coinage, weight and measure ; Inscriptions and gravestones ; Heraldic documents and artefacts ; Gaelic words in Scots and English -- The documents. Soctland, England and Wales : old parish registers ; Scotland, England and Wales : entails ; Scotland : wills and testaments ; Scotland : trust dispositions and settlements ; Scotland : sasines ; Scotland : retours ; Scotland : tacks, assedations and maills ; Scotland : kirk sessions ; England and Wales : wills : bequeathing and devising ; England and Wales : fines, recoveries and final concords ; England and Wales : manorial documents ; England and Wales : indentures, deeds and land -- Glossaries. Latin and Scots : legal and genealogical glossary ; Latin : glossary of forms of first names and surnames ; Latin : glossary of place names
Understanding documents for genealogy and local history
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