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Last chance llama ranch, Hilary Fields

Last chance llama ranch, Hilary Fields
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Last chance llama ranch
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Hilary Fields
"From Olympic skier to llama farmer? Now that is a serious jump. When a close encounter with an eighty-foot spruce steals Merry's dreams of Olympic gold, the former ski champ finds herself falling into a career she never expected -- the life of a travel writer. Picturing glamorous trips to exotic places, Merry is speechless when her boss assigns her to the blog, "Don't Do What I Did, " and sends her to, place of all places, a llama ranch. Soon she's eyeball-deep in alpacas, llamas, goats and more. But when Last Chance Llama Ranch starts to grow on her, Merry finds that ranch life, while still just as gross, might be just what she's been missing. You know what they say... When life gives you llamas."--, Provided by publisher
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