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Pigture perfect, Jenny Goebel

Pigture perfect, Jenny Goebel
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Pigture perfect
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Jenny Goebel
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"Twelve-year-old Grace is desperate for a puppy. All she wants is someone to love--and to love her back. Someone who won't disappear on her like her dad did. Someone who'll make her new stepfather's house feel like home. Christmas morning, Grace springs out of bed hopeful that her dreams are about to come true. But the present that awaits her isn't soft and furry. It doesn't have padded paws. And instead of a dark, wet nose, there's a flat, pink nose instead. It's not a puppy at all--it's a PIG. Grace tries to make the best of the situation. She names the pig Bernard and dutifully learns how to care for him. But spending time with him is nothing like being with a dog . . . when a good friend lands in the hospital, Grace discovers that Bernard might have a special talent for making sick people feel better and that his calling might be as a certified therapy animal . . . can Grace convince her skeptical family to get on board? Or will she and Bernard both end up out in the cold?"--Publisher
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pre adolescent
Picture perfect
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