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American made, why making things will return us to greatness, Dan DiMicco ; introduction by David Rothkopf

American made, why making things will return us to greatness, Dan DiMicco ; introduction by David Rothkopf
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American made
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Dan DiMicco ; introduction by David Rothkopf
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why making things will return us to greatness
"American manufacturing is on life support--at least, that's what most people think. The exodus of jobs to China and other foreign markets is irreversible, and anything that is built here requires specialized skills the average worker couldn't hope to gain. Not so, says Dan Dimicco, chairman and former CEO of Nucor, America's largest steel company. He not only revived a major US manufacturing firm during a recession, but helped galvanize the flagging domestic steel industry when many of his competitors were in bankruptcy or headed overseas. In American Made, he takes to task the politicians, academics, and political pundits who, he contends, are exacerbating fears and avoiding simple solutions for the sake of nothing more than their own careers, and contrasts them with the postwar leaders who rebuilt Europe and Japan, put a man on the moon, and kept communism at bay. We need leaders of such resolve today, he argues, who can tackle a broken job-creation engine by restoring manufacturing to its central role in the U.S. economy--and cease creating fictitious "service businesses" where jobs evaporate after a year or two, as in a Ponzi scheme. With his trademark bluntness, Dimicco tackles the false promise of green jobs and the hidden costs of outsourcing. Along the way, he shares the lessons he's learned about good leadership, crisis management, and the true meaning of innovation, and maps the road back to robust economic growth, middle-class prosperity, and American competitiveness. "--, Provided by publisher
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Machine generated contents note: -- INTRODUCTION: Never Say Never -- CHAPTER 1: The Economic Crisis and Missed Opportunities -- CHAPTER 2: No More Moonshots (Or: How the United States Won the Space Race and Stopped Racing) -- CHAPTER 3: Distorted Trade and the Rise of the False Economy -- CHAPTER 4: Against Irrational Defeatism -- CHAPTER 5: The Myth of Free Trade -- CHAPTER 6: The Myth of the Innovation Economy and the "Skills Gap" -- CHAPTER 7: More Myths That Distract US-And What to Do About Them -- CHAPTER 8: Where We Go From Here: Rebuilding the Backbone of the U.S. Economy -- CHAPTER 9: Where We Go Next: Tapping Our Energy Resources -- CHAPTER 10: Where the Road Leads: Restoring American Manufacturing, Innovation, and Competitiveness
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