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Cost accounting for dummies, by Ken Boyd

Cost accounting for dummies, by Ken Boyd
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Cost accounting for dummies
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by Ken Boyd
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--For dummies
This guide provides in-depth explanations and reviews of the essential cost accounting concepts you'll encounter during a typical cost accounting course. This introduction to the budgeting process will help you get the lowdown on overhead costs and help you make good decisions in running a business
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Understanding the fundamentals of costs. So you want to know about cost accounting ; Brushing up on cost accounting basics ; Using cost-volume-profit analysis to plan your business results ; Estimating costs with job costing ; More activity, more cost: activity-based costing -- Planning and control. What's the plan, Stan? Budgeting for a better bottom line ; Constant change: variance analysis ; Focusing on overhead costs ; What's on the shelf? Inventory costing -- Making decisions. Cost drivers and cost estimation methods ; Making smart business decisions with relevant information ; Making smart pricing decisions: figuring total costs -- Allocating costs and resources. Analysis methods to improve profitability ; Behind the scenes: accounting for support costs and common costs ; Joint costs, separable costs, and using up the leftovers ; Tracing similar products with process costing -- Considering quality issues. What a waste! Getting the most from spoilage, scrap, and reworked products ; Making smart ordering decisions ; Quality: building a better mousetrap -- The part of tens. Ten common costing mistakes and how to avoid them ; Ten ways to increase profits using costing
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