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Windows 11, by Andy Rathbone

Windows 11, by Andy Rathbone
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Windows 11
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by Andy Rathbone
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For dummies
The Windows 11 operating system arrives with the promise of being the fastest, most secure, and most flexible version yet. That doesn't mean it's always easy to make your computer work faster, more securely, and more flexibly. This book offers help for those moments when you ask yourself "what the heck is my computer doing?" You'll find guidance on how to get around the Windows 11 interface, how to use Windows tools like Teams Chat and Widgets, and even how to bring Android apps on board your device. Once you know your way around, you'll spend less time answering Windows questions and more time getting things done
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Part 1: Windows 11 stuff everybody thinks you already know. What is Windows 11? ; Starting with the start menu ; The traditional desktop ; Basic desktop window mechanics ; Storing and organizing files -- Part 2: Working with programs, apps, and files. Playing with programs, apps, and documents ; Finding the lost ; Printing and scanning your work -- Part 3: Getting things done on the internet. Cruising the web ; Being social: mail, calendar, and teams chat ; Safe computing -- Part 4: Customizing and upgrading Windows 11. Customizing settings in Windows ; Keeping Windows from breaking ; Sharing one computer with several people ; Connecting computers with a network -- Part 5: Music, photos, and videos. Playing and copying music ; Fiddling with photos, videos, and phones -- Part 6: Help!. The case of the broken Window ; Strange messages: what you did does not compute ; Moving from an old PC to a new Windows 11 PC ; Help on the Windows help system -- Part 7: The part of tens. Ten things you'll hate about Windows 11 (and how to fix them) ; Ten or so tips for tablet and laptop owners
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