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The Allies strike back, 1941-1943, James Holland

The Allies strike back, 1941-1943, James Holland
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 626-678) and index
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non fiction
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The Allies strike back, 1941-1943
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James Holland
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The War in the West, volume one
"James Holland's The Rise of Germany, the first volume in his War in the West trilogy, was widely praised for Holland's impeccable research and narrative skills. With a wealth of characters from across the western theatre of WWII, Holland told a captivating story and used new research to challenge our assumptions and reframe our understanding of this momentous conflict. As The Rise of Germany ended, the Nazi war machine looked to be unstoppable. Germany had taken Poland and France with shocking speed. London was blitzed by the Luftwaffe, and U-boats harried Allied shipping. But Germany hadn't actually won the Battle of Britain or the Battle of the Atlantic, and was not producing airplanes or submarines fast enough. And what looked like victory in Greece and Crete had expended crucial resources in short supply. In The Allies Strike Back, while Germany's invasion of Russia unfolds in the east, in the west, the Americans formally enter the war. In North Africa, after setbacks at the hands of Rommel, the Allies storm to victory. Meanwhile, the bombing of Germany escalates, aiming to destroy Nazi industry and crush civilian morale. The Allies Strike Back is a captivating book by a supremely skilled historian"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Part I. America enters the war -- The largest clash of arms -- Manoeuvring -- Summer '41 -- The US Navy goes to war -- The sinking of the Reuben James -- Crusaders -- Unraveling -- World war -- Part II. Eastern influences -- Battles at sea -- Strategic blunders -- Carnage off America -- Fighters and bombers -- Steel and strategy -- Seeds of resistance -- Heat and dust -- Into the cauldron -- Combined production -- The fall of Tobruk -- Sea and sand -- Thousand bomber raid -- Sea and steppe -- Gathering strength -- Last chance in Africa -- The end of the German dream -- Part III. The Allies strike back -- A brief discourse on tanks and fire-power -- A brief discourse on training and morale -- Return of the hero -- Getting ready -- The vicious circle -- Lighting the torch -- Lightfoot -- Supercharge -- Cutting losses -- Invasion -- Part IV. Crushing the wolfpacks -- The blackest month -- Setbacks -- Year end -- The critical theatre -- Living dangerously -- Frühlingswind -- Heavy water -- Regaining the initiative -- Into the gap -- Closing in -- Victory for the Allies
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