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The wrong heaven, stories, Amy Bonnaffons

The wrong heaven, stories, Amy Bonnaffons
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Literary Form
short stories
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The wrong heaven
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Amy Bonnaffons
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"In The Wrong Heaven, anything is possible: bodies can transform, inanimate objects come to life, angels appear and disappear. In the title story, a schoolteacher's life takes an unexpected turn when the plastic Jesus and Mary lawn ornaments she buys start talking to her. In "Horse," the story's narrator decides to join her best friend, who is undergoing regular IVF injections, with injections of her own - ones that will transform her into a horse. And in "Alternate," a woman is convinces that all she needs to revive a stagnant relationship is the perfect poster of the Dalai Lama. While some of the worlds Bonnaffons creates are more recognizable than others, all of them are decidedly strange. Hugely funny, bold, and probing, these stories lay bare the heart of our deepest longings and mysteries."--, From inside cover
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