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Star Wars, science fair book, by Samantha Margles

Star Wars, science fair book, by Samantha Margles
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Literary Form
non fiction
Main title
Star Wars
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Responsibility statement
by Samantha Margles
Sub title
science fair book
Table Of Contents
Part I. In a galaxy far, far away: Make your own clouds -- Forming mineral deposits -- Testing for oxygen in water -- How to make a hygrometer -- Underground cooling -- Creating a lava lamp -- Making icicles -- Keeping warm in the cold -- Phases of the moon -- Water in the desert -- Desert life: the science of survival -- Traveling on sand -- Dressing for hot weather -- Sound in space -- Build a magnetometer -- Part II. Signs of the Force: Staying focused -- Using invisible forces -- Create lightning -- Watching air pressure -- Building a barometer -- Your very own lie detector -- Tricking your eyes: optical illusions -- Grow your own crystals -- Microscopic life -- Test your reflexes -- Part III. Republic know-how: Testing rust on different metals -- Protective coatings and metals -- Cleaning metal, Part 1 -- Cleaning metal, Part 2 -- Homemade periscope -- Studying lasers -- Playing with light -- Life after freezing -- Build your own hovercraft
Target audience
pre adolescent
Science fair book
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