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The planet factory, exoplanets and the search for a second Earth, Elizabeth Tasker

The planet factory, exoplanets and the search for a second Earth, Elizabeth Tasker
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 314-324) and index
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non fiction
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The planet factory
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Elizabeth Tasker
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exoplanets and the search for a second Earth
"The Planet Factory tells the story of exoplanets, planets orbiting stars outside of our solar system. Discover the specks of dust that circle a young star come together in a violent building project that can form colossal worlds hundreds of times the size of the Earth; the changing orbits of young planets that risk dooming the life forming on neighboring worlds or, alternatively, that can deliver the key ingredients needed to seed its beginnings. Exoplanets are one of the greatest construction schemes in the universe and they occur around nearly every star you see. Each result is an alien landscape, but is it possible that one of these could be like our own home? The Planet Factory discusses the way these planets form, their structure and features, and describes in detail the detection techniques used (there are many) before looking at what we can learn about the surface environments and planetary atmospheres, and whether this hints at the tantalizing possibility of life." --,
Table Of Contents
Introduction: The blind planet hunters -- part 1. The factory floor: The factory floor ; The record-breaking building project ; The problem with gas ; Air and sea -- part 2. Dangerous planets: The impossible planet ; We are not normal ; Water, diamonds or lava? : the planet recipe nobody knew ; Worlds around dead stars ; The lands of two suns ; The planetary crime scene ; Going rogue -- part 3. Goldilocks worlds: The Goldilocks criteria ; The search for another earth ; Alien vistas ; Beyond the Goldilocks zone ; The moon factory ; The search life
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