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Paranormal, my life in pursuit of the afterlife, Raymond Moody with Paul Perry

Paranormal, my life in pursuit of the afterlife, Raymond Moody with Paul Perry
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Raymond Moody with Paul Perry
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my life in pursuit of the afterlife
"Raymond Moody is the "grandfather" of the modern NDE (Near Death Experience) movement. As a researcher and medical doctor, Moody's pioneering work Life After Life sold over ten million copies and introduced the world to the phenomenon of NDEs. In this account of his lifetime of research into the after life, Moody explains how he stumbled onto these amazingly consistent stories by people who had died and come back to life. Moody was the first scholar and doctor to describe the accounts of the bright light, the tunnel, the presence of loved ones waiting on the other side, past life review, and meeting heavenly beings--all of which have become part of our modern cultural knowledge. But Dr. Moody did not quit his research after publishing his first ground-breaking book. Here we learn how he pioneered and researched new ways for the living to encounter the dead and even our past lives. In this fascinating account by a reserved and disciplined researcher, readers will discover the surprisingly thin line between the living and the passed on and why we have so much evidence for our deepest hopes"--, Provided by publisher
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