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She left me the gun, my mother's life before me, Emma Brockes

She left me the gun, my mother's life before me, Emma Brockes
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She left me the gun
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Emma Brockes
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my mother's life before me
"One day I will tell you the story of my life, " promises Emma Brockes's mother, "and you will be amazed." Brockes grew up hearing only pieces of her mother's past--stories of a rustic childhood in South Africa, glimpses of a bohemian youth in London--and yet knew that crucial facts were still in the dark. A mystery to her friends and family, Paula was clearly a strong, self-invented woman; glamorous, no-nonsense, and frequently out of place in their quaint English village. Looking to unearth the truth after Paula's death, Brockes begins a dangerous journey into the land--and the life--her mother fled from years before. As she follows her mother's footsteps back to South Africa, Brockes begins to find the wellsprings of her mother's strength, the tremendous endurance which allowed Paula to hide terrible secrets from even her closest friends and family.--From publisher description
Table Of Contents
If you think that's aggressive then you really haven't lived -- South Africa, 1932-1960 -- Chasing the train -- London, Buckinghamshire, London -- Departure -- At the archive -- A very interesting group Of people -- Friends are like jewels -- Gold jewelry -- Everything that matters -- Hearsay -- Eloff Street On a Saturday morning -- Tony -- Babanango -- Who wears hats To the dentist -- Freedom day -- Afterward
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