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The cushion in the road, meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm's way, Alice Walker

The cushion in the road, meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm's way, Alice Walker
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The cushion in the road
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Alice Walker
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meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm's way
This volume includes essays and meditations, (many of them previosuly unpublished) revisiting themes the author, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, poet, essayist, and activist has addressed throughout her career, exploring her conflicting impulses to retreat into inner contemplation and to remain deeply engaged with the world: racism, Africa, solidarity with the Palestinian people, the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, Cuba, health care, and the work of Aung San Suu Kyi
Table Of Contents
Witness. On Barack Obama. Lest we forget: an open letter to my sisters who are brave ; What I want: compassion as a value ; May whatever we have gained, not be lost ; Finally it is here: election day ; Dear Brother President (elect) ; What do I expect from this turn of the historical wheel ; A letter to President Obama about torture ; Understanding health care ; Well done, Obama and the Nobel Prize ; For what it's worth: some thoughts on war, disappointment, and anger ; Why war is never a good idea. -- The Road of Life. Human sunrise ; Introducing the Ojibwa warrior ; A wedding ceremony: marrying good men ; Coming to Mississippi ; Saying good-bye to my friend Howard Zinn ; On The Help ; Honoring Cicely Tyson ; We are in this place for a reason ; Listening to Howie: the optimism of uncertainty. -- Meditation. The Settled Mind. Milagros de las vida turtles ; Facing la madre ; Giving, as generously as the Earth ; Seeking counsel from Diego and Frida ; Hitting the mark ; The victory belongs to love: so what about marriage? ; The clarity ; Overwhelm ; Queen snows ; All the stars ; The killing of Troy Davis ; The G in "Ode to Joy" ; Frozen river is a moving surprise ; May I be frank ; ¡Nadie te quita lo bailado! ; Loving audiobooks but not the segregation of books and literature ; At sea on the audacity of hope ; Stubborn flowers climbing ; Windows: discovering Uri Avnery ; Reclaiming the cross. -- "This is What You Shall Do". A recipe for difficult times: anxiety soup ; Everyone's a victim ; Sisterloss ; We are remembered for what we teach ; Edwidge Danticat, the quiet stream ; More meditation required! ; "We believe" by Staughton and Alice Lynd ; The inner listener ; From grandmother's horse ; Free dogs and the Albany Bulb Waterfront Park ; Ending the age of waste ; The case of Bradley Manning ; Evolution ; Bursting into love ; Life lessons: gratitude is my only prayer. -- Wandering. The universe belongs to everyone ; 12 questions: Korean women's soul questions ; Adopting an orphanage ; Coming to see you since I was five years old: an American poet's connection to the South African soul ; St. John: the Lennonono Grant for Peace ceremony ; About Aung San Suu Kyi, meditator and teacher. -- Solidarity. Letters. A letter from Alice Walker to Aung San Suu Kyi ; A letter about nature from 2005 ; An open letter to Nawal El Saadawi ; To whom it may concern: with special attention to the prime minister, attorney general, and speaker of the Knesset in Israel. -- On Palestine. We can offer what we are ; Boycotts must happen in the heart ; "You will have no protection" ; What changes the world? Bearing witness to the truth ; Nothing is stronger than a circle ; The peace of nonviolent resistance ; Auntie, I simply can't imagine it! ; And so our trails continue ; Overcoming speechlessness ; Empathy is a wave ; To the freedom riders of Palestine ; The sanity of friendship. -- Onward. Encountering the unknown Brazil
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