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Lenin, the man, the dictator, and the master of terror, Victor Sebestyen

Lenin, the man, the dictator, and the master of terror, Victor Sebestyen
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 519-547) and index
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non fiction
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Victor Sebestyen
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the man, the dictator, and the master of terror
"Drawing on new research, including the diaries, memoirs, and personal letters of both Lenin and his friends, Victor Sebestyen's biography--the first in English in nearly two decades--is not only a political examination of one of the most important historical figures of the twentieth century, but a portrait of Lenin the man."--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Prologue: The coup d'état -- A nest of gentlefolk -- A childhood idyll -- The hanged man -- The police state -- A revolutionary education -- Vladimir Ilyich -- attorney at law -- Nadya -- a Marxist courtship -- Language, truth and logic -- Foreign parts -- Prison and Siberia -- Lenin is born -- Underground lives -- England, their England -- What is to be done? -- The great schism -- Bolsheviks and Mensheviks -- Peaks and troughs -- An autocracy without an autocrat -- Back home -- "Expropriate the expropriators" -- Geneva -- "an awful hole" -- Inessa -- Lenin in love -- Betrayals -- A love triangle -- two into three will go -- Catastrophe -- the world at war -- In the wilderness -- The last exile -- Revolution -- part one -- The sealed train -- To the Finland station -- The interregnum -- "Peace, land and bread" -- The spoils of war -- A desperate gamble -- The July days -- On the run -- Revolution -- part two -- Power -- at last -- The man in charge -- The sword and shield -- War and peace -- The one-party state -- The battle for grain -- Regicide -- The assassin's bullets -- The simple life -- Reds and whites -- Funeral in Moscow -- The "Internationale" -- Rebels at sea and on land -- Intimations of mortality -- Revolution -- again -- The last battle -- "An explosion of noise" -- Lenin lives
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