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How's your faith?, an unlikely spiritual journey, David Gregory

How's your faith?, an unlikely spiritual journey, David Gregory
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non fiction
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How's your faith?
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David Gregory
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an unlikely spiritual journey
"Join former NBC newsman and Meet the Press moderator David Gregory as he probes various religious traditions to better understand his own faith and answer life's most important questions: who do we want to be and what do we believe? While David was covering the White House, he had the unusual experience of being asked by President George W. Bush "How's your faith?" David's answer was just emerging. Raised by a Catholic mother and a Jewish dad, he had a strong sense of Jewish cultural and ethnic identity, but no real belief--until his marriage to a Protestant woman of strong faith inspired him to explore his spirituality for himself and his growing family. David's journey has taken him inside Christian mega-churches and into the heart of Orthodox Judaism. He's gone deep into Bible study and asked tough questions of America's most thoughtful religious leaders, including evangelical preacher Joel Osteen and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Catholic Archbishop of New York. It has brought him back to his childhood, where belief in God might have helped him through his mother's struggle with alcoholism, and through a difficult period of public scrutiny and his departure from NBC News, which saw his faith tested like never before. David approaches his faith with the curiosity and dedication you would expect from a journalist accustomed to holding politicians and Presidents accountable. But he also comes as a seeker, one just discovering why spiritual journeys are always worthwhile"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Pain : the spiritual search begins with the family story -- Love : good things can emerge from tragedy -- Purpose : my Jewish education -- Transformation : the President's important question -- Sacrifice : will the kids be Jewish or Christian? -- Humility : who would you be if you lost your job? -- Doubt : when faith falls away -- Surrender : let go and let God? -- Forgiveness : who are we to judge our parents?
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