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Spiritual partnership, the journey to authentic power, by Gary Zukav

Spiritual partnership, the journey to authentic power, by Gary Zukav
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non fiction
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Spiritual partnership
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by Gary Zukav
Sub title
the journey to authentic power
"Zukav writes: "Spirituality has to do with the soul, and requires alignment with the most noble impulses of the human experience - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. This goal cannot be brought into being for one person by another, or even by a collective of others. The spiritual development of an individual is not a barn raising made possible by helpful neighbors. Each individual is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth. Spirituality is a journey into self-awareness and self-responsibility. The old type of relationship helped the old humanity survive by focusing the attention of participants outward onto circumstances and people in order to change them. The new type of relationship enables us to grow spiritually by focusing the attention of partners inward onto the interior causes of their painful experiences and destructive actions in order to change them." With Spiritual Partnership Gary Zukav is introducing a profound new relationship dynamic which enables and empowers individuals to reach their true potential and discover what Zukav calls "authentic power". Spiritual partnerships are not exclusively for couples in marriage or relationships; they can be created in families, between friends, in the workplace, at school - anywhere two or more individuals decide to create a relationship as equals. In Spiritual Partnership, Zukav offers an in-depth transformational voyage into the deepest, most wholesome, and refreshing sources of meaning and purpose in our lives. Filled with poignant examples and practical guidance, Spiritual Partnership empowers and enables us to explore our emotions, our intentions, our choices, and our intuition and to use these experiences to discover profound spiritual growth"--Provided by publisher
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