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The great divide, unequal societies and what we can do about them, Joseph E. Stiglitz

The great divide, unequal societies and what we can do about them, Joseph E. Stiglitz
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The great divide
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Joseph E. Stiglitz
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unequal societies and what we can do about them
Discusses the causes of inequality, including unjust and irresponsible economic policies and misguided priorities, and offers suggestions to help the United States become a more fair and equitable society. --Publisher's description
Table Of Contents
Prelude: Showing cracks. The economic consequences of Mr. Bush ; Capitalist fools ; The anatomy of a murder: who killed America's economy? ; How to get out of the financial crisis -- Part I: Big think. Of the 1 percent, by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent ; The 1 percent's problem ; Slow growth and inequality are political choices, we can choose otherwise. ; Inequality goes global ; Inequality is a choice ; Democracy in the 21st century ; Phony capitalism -- Part II: Personal reflections. How Dr. King shaped my work in economics ; The myth of America's golden age -- Part III: Dimensions of inequality. Equal opportunity, our national myth ; Student debt and the crushing of the American Dream ; Justice for some ; The one housing solution left: mass mortgage refinancing ; Inequality and the American child ; Ebola and inequality -- Part IV: Causes of America's growing inequality. America's socialism for the rich ; A tax system stacked against the 99 percent ; Globalization isn't just about profits, it's about taxes too ; Fallacies of Romney's logic -- Part V: Consequences of inequality. The wrong lesson from Detroit's bankruptcy ; In no one we trust -- Part VI: Policy. How policy has contributed to the great economic divide ; Why Janet Yellen, not Larry Summers, should lead the Fed ; The insanity of our food policy ; On the wrong side of globalization ; The free-trade charade ; How intellectual property reinforces inequality ; India's patently wise decision ; Eliminating extreme inequality: a sustainable development goal, 2015-2030 ; The postcrisis crises ; Inequality is not inevitable -- Part VII: Regional perspectives. The Mauritius miracle ; Singapore's lessons for an unequal America ; Japan should be alert ; Japan is a model, not a cautionary tale ; China's roadmap ; Reforming China's state-market balance ; Medellín: a light unto cities ; American delusions down under ; Scottish independence ; Spain's depression -- Part VIII: Putting America back to work. How to put America back to work ; Inequality is holding back the recovery ; The book of jobs ; Scarcity in an age of plenty ; Turn left for growth ; The innovation enigma -- Q&A: Joseph Stiglitz on the fallacy that the top 1 percent drives innovation, and why the Reagan Administration was America's inequality turning point
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