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They knew Lincoln, John E. Washington ; with a new introduction by Kate Masur

They knew Lincoln, John E. Washington ; with a new introduction by Kate Masur
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They knew Lincoln
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John E. Washington ; with a new introduction by Kate Masur
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Introduction by Carl Sandburg -- Prelude -- Recollections of the Ford Theater neighborhood -- Part one: Those who loved Lincoln -- Grandmother: her story of the three C's -- The beginning of the artist: "Booth's annihilation" -- Cousin Annie tells about the Keckley and Herndon books -- Uncle Ben, the preacher: Cartoon of "Riding around the circuit" ; His stories of King Solomon's wisdom ; The divine preparation -- Aunt Eliza -- Aunt Eliza's death -- Aunt Rosetta Wells: her stories of little Tad Lincoln and the White House -- Uncle Buck -- Aunt Mary Dines, the contraband singer: her stories of Lincoln's visits to the contraband camp ;Their exercises for him and his part in them -- Old Aunt Phoebe Bias: her story of the "big watch-meeting" before the Emancipation Proclamation -- Uncle Sandy: his story of the Ford's Theater ghosts -- Interlude: slavery in the East -- Part two: Those who served Lincoln -- William Slade: confidential messenger and friend -- Aunt Rosetta Wells: White House seamstress -- Cornelia Mitchell: White House cook -- Peter Brown: Butler and waiter at the White House -- William Johnson: Lincoln's first bodyguard -- Solomon Johnson: Lincoln's personal barber -- Part three: Those who remembered Lincoln -- Aunt Vina: her home and souvenirs of Lincoln ; Her description of Lincoln's funeral -- Aunt Elizabeth Thomas: heroine of Fort Stevens -- John Henry Coghill: living witness of Booth's capture and death ; His personal statement -- Tom Gardiner: how he knew the conspirators and Booth's plans ; Personal statement by him -- William J. Ferguson: the only witness of all the phases of Lincoln's assassination -- Part four: The Springfield revelation -- William de Fleurville: also known as William Florville and "Billy the barber" -- Part five: Elizabeth Keckley -- Elizabeth Keckley: companion and confidante of Mrs. Lincoln -- "Behind the Scenes": story of Mrs. Keckley's book -- Mary Todd Lincoln: love of the Negro for Lincoln's wife
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